The above test results where made with a regulated power supply and measured with a digital volt meter. Every attempt was made to insure correct wind pressures and voltages. The actions used for this test did not receive any special adjustments other then action frame adjustment for pallet thickness. They where randomly taken from stock for this test. Customers should not expect all Direct-Action magnets to perform 100% of values stated in chart. A reasonable amount of voltage and wind pressure headroom should be used when selecting a Direct-Action magnet. These results are only to provide information from our testing and do not represent any guarantee of performance.

Testing was not performed on wind pressures higher then 11-1/2" wind pressure. Some users have reported success with pressures up to 17" wind pressure with 3/4" pallet valves. These higher pressures may require sensitive adjustments to spring rates and armature to pole adjustments.

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Revised 18:00, Feb20th, 1998